Lokul Lore #2: A Tale of Fall City by Ted Schroth

Lokul Lore #2: A Tale of Fall City by Ted Schroth

Editor's note: No, that isn't Tokul in the pic, but yes, it's Ted.

Sent: Sunday, June 10, 2007 11:26 PM
Subject: A Tale of Fall City

The ride we've discovered is called FlowTron.

On the first ride down, Tiny and I were talking each other through the "swamp bridge ride" when along comes a guy who not only charged it but did a tail whip jump at the end. When I asked if he could do it, he said "I should, I built it." Which explains things. After seeing him do this, (the following is true) I rode the
entire thing, yes I did, yes I did. Tiny will confirm said feat.

Shortly afterward, Tiny and I met a bunch of the trail builders and they told us about a bunch of other stuff. They were having a little apres work party in a clearing which (no kidding) involved something in a bong and some moonshine. Very friendly dudes, about 8-10 of them in all. Intros and offers to toke all around
(offer not accepted, your Honor).

On the second ride up, Mr. Bridge was riding in front of us, talking on his cell and not out of breath, while we heaved our way up. Very humiliating getting our asses kicked both up and down the hill.

On the second ride down, after nailing a few tricks, we were whipping down the "flow" section and I rode onto the wide bridge at the bottom of the ravine between two of the whoop-dees. Unfortunately I chose this moment to Spaz / Kook out and rode quickly off the side of the bridge, falling on the downhill side about 10 feet down and 10 feet out, landing on my face on a fallen tree with many dead branches sticking out. Thank you, thank you, thank you God that I did not lose an eye. or break anything.

Tiny is a good friend, but not when there is blood involved. Upon seeing my face, he promptly hid behind a stump and held himself tightly while rocking back and forth. Luckily the Merry Makers were just behind us on the trail and after seeing me lying in my own blood and sweat at the bottom of the ravine, they took matters into their hands. Unlike us, they had first aid kits and got me cleaned up and we limped out of there.

I'm happy to report that my beautiful face is only slightly marred, and my plastic surgeon buddy hooked me up with some very nice stitches where the branch entered my chin.

I'm ready for more, who wants to ride on Wednesday or Thursday night? Either works for me, I would suggest 6:30pm or so, plenty of time for at least two loops.

See you soon


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