Tales from the Trails: Tiger Mountain Contest

Tales from the Trails: Tiger Mountain Contest

Congratulations to our winner, José Ramírez! Read his winning tale: Against the Odds, Against the Beast

A contest to tell the craziest story from the riding zone we specify, starting with Tiger Mountain. Your tale must be based on an actual experience, but we encourage creativity. Entries will be posted here and shared on social media. Finalists (as decided, in an utterly biased manner, by Dan & Justin) will judged by a panel of five esteemed dirtbags to select our winner.

In the coming months we'll also hold contests for Tokul and Raging River, so stay tuned for even more entertainment from our community of riders and trail builders!

The Tiger Mountain Prizes

Tails from the Trails: Tiger Mountain prizes

The winner of Tales from the Trails: Tiger Mountain Edition receives this great prize package.

Dirtco: TGRMT Army tees in men's and women's, TGRMT cap, TGRMT decals.

PNW Components:

  • Range handlebar. 31.8mm handlebar that plays nicely with modern geos. With 10° back sweep and 5° upsweep, the Range: KW Edition helps put your shoulder blades in a more neutral position while reducing wrist fatigue and discomfort.
  • Loam grips  with an ultra tacky compound and ergonomic pattern to support your palms and help relieve any fatigue caused by trail chatter and long days in the saddle. 5 colors available, and more on the way.

Abit Gear: Enduro Mountain bike shorts. Premium quality shorts in either Slim Fit or Athletic Fit, featuring cam-lock waist adjusters, 3 zip pockets and nylon 4-way stretch fabric with DWR finish.

Sweetlines: Custom printed Sweetlines neck gaiter/mask. 

Contest Details and Rules

  • Be creative! Have fun! Your tale must be based in the riding area specified, and be based on a real experience.
  • Give your tale a title.
  • Submit at least one image with your story, up to five total. 
  • Include your name and contact info
  • We will screen entries for appropriate content. Tales of  doing stupid things, being weird, getting wild, building trails, crashing, partying, being a hero are all fine, but we'll reject anything that isn't good-natured. This is 100% at our discretion.
  • Privacy waiver: As a condition of entry, entrants grant Abit Gear LLC, Dirtbag Supply Co, and PNW Components (the “Sponsors”) the irrevocable right and permission to use photographs and/or video recordings and/or writings submitted on Sponsors and other websites and in publications, promotional flyers, advertising materials, derivative works, or for any other similar purpose without compensation to entrant. 

    Entrants hereby release, acquit and forever discharge the Sponsors, its current and former members, owners, agents, officers and employees of the above-named entities from any and all claims, demands, rights, promises, damages and liabilities arising out of or in connection with the use or distribution of said photographs and/or video recordings, including but not limited to any claims for invasion of privacy, appropriation of likeness or defamation.
  • We will pick a limited number of finalists to be judged by a panel of 5 dirtbags, who will select the contest winner.
  • Submission Deadline: Tiger Mountain entrants must submit their story by July 30, 2020.
  • Email your entry to info@abitgear.com with the subject line Tiger Tales.
  • Entered stories will be posted to https://abitgear.com/blogs/tales-from-the-trails and shared to social media.

Meet Your Esteemed Panel of Dirtbag Judges

Kat Sweet, president and coach at Sweetlines, former pro downhill racer, and purveyor of shred.

Joel Miranda, official cat herder of the 4400 member strong Tiger Mountain/Raging River/Olallie MTB Facebook group that wants you to Go Ride Your Bike!

Emily Kerson, co-owner and founder of PNW Components, veteran of the MTB industry, and the creative eye behind PNW's branding. 

Dan Saimo, owner and design genius behind Dirt Bag Supply Co, long time builder / rider and co-founder of the Dirt Corps with Matt Patterson.  

Justin Vander Pol, founder of Abit Gear, Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance's first Executive Director, and long time trail builder with the Highlife Crew. 

The Tales from Tiger Mountain

Tale #1: Vaya con Dios by Dan Saimo

Editor's note: Dan is owner of Dirtco, a contest sponsor, and contest judge. His story isn't eligible to win, but is here to help kick off the contest. Ready, set, write!

...I remember seeing Sean’s car as we were leaving and wondering if we should wait for a few minutes to make sure he made it back. I looked at my watch and realized I was already running late. Jeannie had made dinner plans for us and had also gotten tickets to see Cat Butt at The Crocodile. read the tale

Tale #2: A Mystical Calling Through the Fog by Joe Fauth

...Sure enough, I heard it again, "Free Beeeeerrr", and again...and again. Upon further inspection, I noticed that the call was coming from a man down at the road before the start of NOTG. I responded to his call with a "Yes Please!" read the tale

Tale #3: Too Many Hours in My Chamois by Dan Murphy

Tale #3: Too Many Hours in My Chamois by Dan Murphy

...So after circling the upper lot to look for them *just in case*, I parked my Volvo wagon in the lower lot under one of the few street lamps out there, visible to traffic on Hwy 18. (Dirtbag security system.) There were a handful of... read the tale

Tale #4: by Ryan Kitchen

Tiger Tale #4 by Ryan Kitchen

...I was only half way down NOTG at Tiger. I yanked off my glove, and reduced the dislocation. I had the woods to myself and I said some loud words I won’t repeat. I couldn’t ride out, it was dusk, and I needed to do a self extraction alone and injured... read the tale

Tale #5: Lost in the Mists of Tiger by John Traeger

Tale #5: Lost in the Mists of Tiger by John Traeger

...after a somewhat muddy ride session, this guy in a floppy brim had and soaked convertible cargo pants walks up with a wild look in his eyes and says, “is this the High Point trailhead?” We said no, that we were on the... read the tale

Tale #6: Legend of The Pneumothorax by Joe Dagonese

...well, I know my priorities too! I jumped right into it, rolled into Legend and felt very good. Little breaking up front and thinking I’m on pace for another PR. Pride comes before the... read the tale

Tale #7: Cougar Snack by Nick Newhall

Tale #7: Cougar Snack by Nick Newhall

...building a turn. Suddenly the forest went quiet. The chirping and other general animal sounds one hears in the forest suddenly vanished... read the tale

Tale #8: A Love Letter to Inside Passage by Michelle “Scooter” Bostick

... I had heard about the Sturdy Dirty Enduro and really wanted to try it but knew there was no way I would be able to race if I couldn’t get to the top. Then something wonderful happened... read the tale

 Tale #9: Monkey Sounds by Paul Jones

Tale #9: Monkey Sounds by Paul Jones

...scared the collective shit out of the 3 of us. It was loud. It was disturbing. It was more than... read the tale

Tale #10: A Legend of the Sport Saves My Ride by Preston Peterson

Tale #10: A Legend of the Sport Saves My Ride by Preston Peterson

...so after a little while on NW Timber I pass the woman and then the man and make it back to the parking lot where we had a final chat. Realize now that some of the brands you know of as just marketing names for major corporations... read the tale

The winning story! Tale #11: Against the Odds, Against the Beast by José Ramírez 

...I met amazing people, went to amazing places, crashed a million times but overall, I was saving my own life... read the tale

Tale #12: When Hikers Ruled the Trails by Paul Andrews

...still saying nothing, he started jabbing at my wheel with his walking stick. At first I thought it was accidental... read the tale

Tale #13: Was it Bigfoot? by Max Haglof McCallum

...Then I looked to the sides and all I saw was big bushes with no trails around. I heard and saw some bushes shaking and I looked behind me again... read the tale

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