Free USA Shipping & Returns on Orders Over $74

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Coronavirus Safety

We're taking the utmost care to ensure your safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. When handling product and orders, we are washing hands regularly, and wearing face masks (we sewed up ourselves) and fabric gloves. The order-prep tables are cleaned and disinfected regularly. Only two people currently have access to the space where inventory is held and order processing occurs.

Should we come in suspected contact with the virus at Abit Gear, we will stop selling and processing orders temporarily until we confirm that we're clear.

We take your safety, and ours, seriously. Be safe, and keep exercising!

How do you say Abit?

It's a hard A: Ā-bit, or for you Canadians, eh-bit. But as we tell our customers, you can say it however you want as long as you're rockin' our shorts!

What does the name Abit mean?

Our founder, owner, designer and janitor, Justin Vander Pol, wanted shorts that fit a bit better, and last a bit longer

Can I buy several shorts and return the ones that don't fit?

Heck yeah! We strongly encourage this, and we pay for the shipping on your returns and exchanges to make it easy for you. More about our shipping and return policies.

Do you ship outside the USA?

Yes, we do, and we make international shipping affordable. You may be responsible for applicable local taxes and duties. More about our shipping and return policies.

What are you doing to make a sustainable product?

This is important to us, and in a real way, not just greenwashing. Our goal is to make a product you use, and use a lot. There's nothing more wasteful than buying cheap junk that rots away in a drawer. That's why we make shorts that actually fit your body, and pay for free returns and free exchanges. If you don't love your shorts, please return them. 

We believe in durable products. Features of Abit Gear shorts that are specifically designed to create a long-lasting product:

  1. No Velcro. Perfectly good shorts fail because the Velcro closures clog or wear out after a year. Our cam-lock waist adjusters are made in Europe by the company that makes helmet closures. They're not cheap, and they'll last years.
  2. Durable materials. YKK zippers, strong fabric, and most importantly we spec a stronger than normal thread. Fabrics are quite durable these days; zippers and thread are the most common way other brands of shorts fail. 
  3. Constant improvement. Each production run we'll identify ways to improve our product and make it last longer. 
  4. No stank. We don't use untreated polyester that gets the dreaded perma-funk. Version 1 of our shorts are all nylon, which is strong and naturally odor resistant. Polyester has some benefits, but needs to be treated with a permanent anti-bacterial treatment if it's to stay fresh for the lifetime of the garment.

You know those $60 shorts you got on closeout that don't fit and you never use? Did you save money in the long run? Nope, didn't think so. Buy better stuff, and buy less of it.

Do you offer EP, pro deals or sponsorships?

If you work in the outdoor sports industry we offer a reciprocal employee purchase program. Email us proof of employment such as a W2, business card or website listing.

We sponsor MTB coaches and we appreciate what you do for the community. If you're a volunteer coach, have your program director email us so we can set up. If you're a pro coach, just email us directly and we'll take care of you. We love working with coaches.

Athletes sponsorship: we don't just sponsor people with a social media following. You must be a positive force in the community and interact with a broad array of riders. 

For all EP and sponsorship inquiries email