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MTN Shorts Now Available in Gray

Abit Gear MTN Shorts now available in gray

Our MTN Shorts are now available in gray! Mix things up from our "every color you want as long as it's black", and shrug off the blazing sun better with a lighter color.

  • 12" or 13.5" inseam
  • Slim Fit or Athletic Fit
  • Sizes 28 - 40
  • Black or Gray

Check 'em out!

New Sunset Fade Jerseys

Abit Gear Sunset Fade jerseys - long sleeve and short sleeve

Gray days are here, so add some color to your kit. We have a limited run of Sunset Fade jerseys with our signature Team Trees print. Light and ultra-breathable, LS and SS.

Sacred Rides Loves Abit Shorts

Sacred Rides review of Abit mountain bike shorts: "What are the best Mountain Bike Shorts? Abit Shorts. That's it. Those are the shorts to get."

Matt Paul, from Sacred Rides, loves our Abit MTN Shorts. Here's what he has to say,

"What are the best Mountain Bike Shorts? Abit Shorts. That’s it. Those are the shorts to get."

Sacred rides guides mountain bike tours around the globe and are ranked as "World’s Best Mountain Bike Outfitter” by Outside Magazine. Sacred Rides MTB tours

Raging River Tees Back In Stock

We've got a handful of Raging River shirts back in stock.  Also check out the Tiger Mountain tees and Tokul tees. $8 from the sale of each shirt goes to trail building in that zone.

These Tees Build Trails TGRMT (Tiger Mountain), Raging River and Tokul tees from our local mountain bike zones

You support our trails with each shirt you buy - $8 from every shirt goes back to trail building in these ride zones. Dirtco tees


Guide for Making an Organized Tool Box with Kaizen Foam - Including Where to Source Everything

How to Make and Source all the Parts for an Organized MTB Tool Box Using Kaizen Foam and Tool Clips

Our step-by-step guide on working with Kaizen Foam to make the ultimate organized bike tool box. We include info on where to source all the parts and tools, including hard-to-find tool clips.


NSMB Review of Abit MTN Shorts

NSMB Review of Abit Gear MTN Shorts

Read the NSMB review and check out our shorts.