We offer a lifetime warranty against defects. We design our products so they won't fall apart. We use extra-strong thread and durable fabrics, our buckles are European-made by the same company that makes helmet buckles, we use none of the trendy welded seams that often fall apart, and no Velcro to clog up or wear out.

If your product does fall apart when it shouldn't, we'll stand behind it. We repair products when we can, and replace them when necessary.

If you trash your shorts doing something stupid, we'll repair it or give you a nice discount on a replacement. We strongly encourage getting stupid.

We're a small company that is an integral part of the mountain biking and trail building community. If you're not happy, or have an issue, reach out to us, we'll take care of you. We want you as a life-long customer.

To start a warranty claim, contact us.