The Abit Gear Story

Apres Ride at the Overlook

I struggled for years to find mountain bike shorts that fit. I'm a lean guy with a bigger butt, and shorts were always too tight through the seat. In the bike world, lots of you are built like me, and I've heard your frustration.

I see reviews that say a short "has the perfect fit." Really? For who? Me Mr. Big Ass, or you Mr. Skinny Hipster? There's no way for one bike short to fit all of us. I created Abit Gear to fix this problem by offering shorts in two different fits, and now in two lengths.

Our driving principles are Great Fit - Durability - Simple Designs

Justin Vander Pol - Abit Gear Founder

About Justin Vander Pol - Abit Gear Founder

Justin is founder and owner of Abit Gear. He's been riding mountain bikes, building trails, and fighting for trail access for the last 20 years. As Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance’s first Executive Director, Justin helped create a ton of trails in Washington State. Along with Evergreen's army of volunteers, the foundation was laid for the nationally recognized success that Evergreen is today.

"My pledge to you is that I will use the success of Abit Gear to continue supporting nonprofits such as Evergreen that fight for trail development and the protection of our great open spaces."

Justin created the concept for Duthie Hill MTB park - though the hard work of building it was done by Evergreen MTB Alliance volunteers and staff, led by Mike Westra. Here are Justin's original sketches of the Duthie Hill concept that he pitched to King County. At the time it was revolutionary to have legal trails with these features.

Interview with PNWmtb

Find out more about Abit Gear founder, Justin Vander Pol, in this interview with PNWmtb's Paul Andrews.  

0:00 - Paul's review of our MTN Shorts.

8:20 - Why Justin started Abit Gear and design decisions behind our shorts. It's all about fit, durability and great pockets.

13:55 - What we carry on rides and the ability to ride packless because bikes don't break as much anymore (I love you OneUp).

18:14 - Thoughts on mountain biking today in the PNW from Justin's view as Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance's first Executive Director from 2002-2007. We discuss building the foundation for effective advocacy and building rowdy trails.

31:44 - Thoughts on e-bike access.

35:53 - Are there too many people mountain biking today? Trail congestion and trail building.

38:07 - Trails Justin likes to ride and his bike setup.

46:13 - Tire talk and supply chain issues in the industry.