About Us

I struggled for years to find mountain bike shorts that fit. I'm a lean guy with a bigger butt, and shorts were always too tight through the seat. In the bike world, lots of you are built like me, and I've heard your frustration.

I see reviews that say a short "has the perfect fit." Really? For who? Me Mr. Big Ass, or you Mr. Skinny Hipster? There's no way for one bike short to fit all of us. I created Abit Gear to fix this problem by offering shorts in two different fits. 

Our driving principles are Great Fit - Durability - Simple Designs

About Justin

Abit Gear is founded by Justin Vander Pol. Mountain biking, skiing and surfing are my passions. My obsession has been mountain bike advocacy and trail building with Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance. I started with Evergreen in 2002, as their first Executive Director. I had a vision to build Evergreen into a state-wide trail building powerhouse that would be self-sustaining. It worked.

Pretty soon Evergreen hired their 2nd and 3rd employees. I donated my modest salary back to the organization so that we could keep growing.

The key to becoming a professional trail building organization was big projects with big funding. It began with the unique I-5 Colonnade under a freeway in Seattle, and next I got Duthie Hill mountain bike park started.

Justin's original sketches of Duthie Hill

Justin's original sketches of Duthie Hill

Fast forward 15 years, and Evergreen is building rowdy trails all over the state with their army of over 20 paid trail builders. I'm proud to have been a part of starting this, and I have huge appreciation for the scores of people who spilled blood, sweat and tears to make it happen.

I'll bring the same obsession and vision to building Abit Gear as I did to growing Evergreen, and we'll continue to be big supporters of trail building and advocacy as we grow.